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iSteel XLS TMT

iSteel is a special type of Xtra Life Style (XLS)TMT Rebar enriched with Copper, Nickel & Chromium. It has a cross ribbon shaped engrave for strong binding. It’s manufactured in Chennai. iSteel TMT is available in various sizes from 08mm to 32mm.

iSteel TMT Rebar

TATA Tiscon Rebar 500D

TATA Tiscon is a premium rebar brand from Tata Steel, the largest steel company in the Indian private sector. It holds the laurel of being the first Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rebar in the country.Ever since its inception in year 2000. TATA Tiscon TMT is available in various sizes from 06mm to 32mm.

TATA Tiscon TMT Rebar


PAVAI Steels is an ISI and ISO 9001:2001 certified company for manufacturing TMT Rebar which is 'Made for Engineers and made by Engineers'. PAVAI TMT is available in various sizes from 08mm to 25mm.


Kiscol TMT Rebar

Kiscol TMT Rebar is manufactured by using German based EVCON - Turbo Technology. The main features of Kiscol TMT Rebar are Heat Resistance, Earth Quake Resistance & Corresion Resistance. Kiscol TMT is available in various sizes from 08mm to 25mm.

Kiscol TMT Rebar


AMMAN TRY is a CSR / TMT rebar manufaturer with 30 years of excellence and certified by 'ISI' and 'ISO 9001:2000 by BVQI, London'. Amman-TRY TMT is available in various sizes from 06mm to 25mm.


ASRM TMT Rebar 500

ASRM TRY TMT - A.P. Steel Rolling Mills Limited is an upcoming and very popular Steel Bar producer in South India. ASRM TRY TMT Rebar is available in various sizes from 08mm to 25mm with Fe-415 Grade.


UltraTech Cement

UltraTech Cement is the country’s largest exporter of cement clinker. It manufactures and markets Ordinary Portland Cement, and Portland Pozzalana Cement. UltraTech Cement is available in various grades 33 & 53 in OPC (Advance Order Only).

UltraTech Cement

UltraTech Building Solutions

Recognizing the need to truly connect with the end consumer and also feeling that from the consumers’ perspective there was a genuine need for a one stop shop that could meet all their primary construction needs.


Bharathi Cement

Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited: A producer of superior quality cement setting new standards in construction! Bharathi Cement is available in various grades 33 & 53 in OPC (Advance Order Only).

Bharathi Cement

Electronic Weighing Scales


We are the first in Salem District introduced the Digital Electronic Scale to increase the level of customers satisfaction.

  • Platform Scale upto 10 ton.
  • Table Top Scale upto 2 ton.

12 X 6½ Customer Service


We are having very large man power to supply goods from our shop to the customers destination. Our services are available from Monday to Saturday 12 working hours and Sunday 6 working hours

  • Monday to Saturday - 12 Working Hours (08.00 AM to 08.00 PM)
  • Sunday - 6 Working Hours (08.00 AM to 02.00 PM)

Cargo Service


We are having Tarrus Lorrys, Eicher Tempos, Mahindra Pickup to serve our customer with loading and unloading.

  • Tarrus Lorry
  • Eicher Tempo
  • TATA 407 Jeep
  • Mahindra Pickup

UltraTech Building Solutions


UltraTech Building Solution provides the following services in FREE of Cost. UltraTech Building Solutions is a one stop solution for all your Construction Needs...!

  • FREE Land Consultation
  • FREE Construction Planning
  • FREE Soil Test, Concreate Test, etc.,
  • FREE Vaasthu Consultation, etc.,