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Bharathi Cement

Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited: A producer of superior quality cement setting new standards in construction! Bharathi Cement is available in various grades 33 & 53 in OPC (Advance Order Only).

Bharathi Cement

Kamalam Steels - Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited

We are proud to say M/s Kamalam Steels and Cements and M/s Sree Kamalam Steels now introducing Bharathi Cements in our show room. We are hope to become Depot First Reseller. We are the authorized stockiest for Bharathi Cement in and arround Salem District, Tamilnadu (India).

Bharathi Cement Corporation Private Limited appointed us as an authorized dealer for Bharathi Cement in and arround Salem Region.

Bharathi Cement Toll Free Call Center : 1800 - 200 - 9669

Bharathi Cement is available in OPC and PPC are extensively used in building and other civil construction works. Special Grades are only available in order basis.

Ordinary Portland cement (OPC)

Bharathi OPC 33 Grade

Bharathi Cement - Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 33 Grade is used for general civil construction works under normal/mild environmental conditions. OPC 33 grade is normally not used where high grade concrete is required due to limitations of its strength. Nowadays this variety is not generally produced.


Bharathi OPC 43 Grade

Bharathi Cement - Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 33 Grade - Nowadays 43 grade is being used widely for general construction work. However, 43 grade OPC is gradually being replaced by blended cements.

Advantages of OPC 43 Grade :
  • All types of
  • Residential and commercial complexes
  • Industrial structures
  • Bridges, dams, irrigation works
  • For highways, runways etc.


Bharathi OPC 53 Grade

Bharathi Cement - Ordinary Portland cement (OPC) 53 Grade is used in RCC and pre-stressed concrete of higher grades, cement grouts, instant plugging mortars etc. where initial higher strength is the criteria

Advantages of OPC 53 Grade :
  • Speedy construction
  • Durable concrete
  • Economic concrete mix designs
  • Low percentages of alkalies, chlorides, magnesia and free lime leads to the production of durable concrete.


Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

Bharathi Cement - Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC) makes concrete more impermeable, denser as compared to OPC. The long-term strength of PPC is higher compared to OPC. PPC produces less heat of hydration and offers greater resistance to the attack of aggressive waters than normal OPC. PPC can be used for all types of construction.

Advantages of PPC :
  • Low heat of hydration
  • Resistance to sulphate attack and chloride attack
  • Resistance to alkali silica reaction
  • Reduction in water demand
  • Reduced bleeding due to high fineness of cement
  • Pore refinement leading to improved density of concrete


Bharathi Cement -
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